Archelios PV sizing and simulation software applications

Our PV software is a PV sizing calculator system and much more

PV software can be used to simulate PV fields' production, estimate electric production and calculate project profitability.
Using PV software is mandatory for large PV projects, but can also be very usefull for precise simulations on basic projects.

PV software can be used as PV sizing software, providing a PV sizing calculator for sizing PV system projects, and also as PV simulation software.


Specific functions can include:

- Estimation of solar irradiation
- Help for sizing inverters
- Calculation of energy generation

  PV software bases its simulations on various input parameters:
- Meteorological data
- Site information : coordinates, mask, albedos (reflection coefficients) ....
- Technical data of modules and inverters


Example of losses diagram

  In  the simulation process, PV software takes into account various type of losses:

- Variation of meteorological data
- Reflection angle losses
- Mismatch of module characteristics
- Modules aging and clogging
- Losses due to temperature
- Electrical losses in cables and inverters


  When choosing your PV software you should pay attention to several points :

- what is the origin of meteorological data?
- how are the masks taken into account (near masks and horizon masks)?
- what type of  losses are evaluated in the computation process (composition of DC to AC derate factor)
- tools for near mask estimation (2D, 3D?)
- are the simulation hypothesis clear and included in the report?

Mask simulation

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